Dazed and Confused by Richard Linklater (1993)

In the Catching Up section. The classic buddy movie featuring many future film stars including Adam Goldberg, Milla Jovovich, Ben Affleck and – above all – the spotless Matthew McConaughey.

All is set within one day (come to think of it Linklater seems to like a 24 hour limit of a plot – just like Before Sunrise and Before Sunset)  – the last day of school year in 1976 – the time of partying the whole night through.

It’s a nostalgic  story taking the audiences back into the roaring 1970’s with glossy cars, a lot of weed, first romances, driving around, practical jokes, rites of passage through hazing of freshmen. All scored with contemporary music.

One of the aspects of this film is recognising faces of actors who later came to fame.

It was made in 1993 and it does not age. Worth a watch!

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