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Redlegs by Brandon Harris (2012)

It takes a lot of guts to be true to one’s self and stand up to one’s principles seems to be the key message of this short and sweet – only 67 minutes long – story. The film was co-written by the actors and the writer-director Brandon Harris.

It usually is neck-breaking to focus the plot around three characters. And yet it seems to be working fine. It is not your typical buddy movie for one reason – the story follows each guy separately. Their secrets get unveiled gradually – thickening the plot and building the back story.

The three friends rejoin at their fourth friend’s funeral. One of them – Marco – no longer lives in town – he decided to take up farming and work on self sustaining sources. That is the one I fell head over heels in love with straight from the first scene. Nathan Ramos definitely has got that something making me want to watch out for him in his future projects. His persona is a mixture of mystery, looks and certain sensuality not often encountered in the cinema these days.

The other two – Aaron and Willie – make an archetypical couple of two extremely different blokes – one is a big confident pal, the other is shy, slightly closeted and it is not obvious for a while why. With one friend out of town and the other gone, they form an almost grotesque sort of friendship of two polar opposites.

Without revealing too much, it has to be said that the four friends must have created quite a gang. I like how we learn about the fourth absent member through the interactions between the three left. I like how each of the friends has a story to tell, how different each of them is. They fight and it can be only imagined this is the natural way of expressing their feelings, emotions, and it must have been the same when the four of them were together.

It’s fresh, it’s beautifully shot, I like the grading, the coulours. It feels real.

Looking forward to the next project!


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Sawdust City by David Nordstrom (2011)

One of the American Indie films when the director is at the same time a writer and the leading man.

The film tells a story of two brothers who in frosty and snowy Wisconsin take up on a challenge to find their drunkard father.

One of the brothers wears a sailor’s uniform and it is Thanksgiving. The other married the ex-girlfriend of the soldier. They both go awol on the dinner made by her and spend the night walking into all bars and gin-joints in the whole town.

The conversations they lead, the people they meet allow the audience to learn a lot about their background, history, past, a bit about their present. Not much into their future as that remains blurry for both.

Despite all appearances it is a road movie, although walked. Recommend!

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Dazed and Confused by Richard Linklater (1993)

In the Catching Up section. The classic buddy movie featuring many future film stars including Adam Goldberg, Milla Jovovich, Ben Affleck and – above all – the spotless Matthew McConaughey.

All is set within one day (come to think of it Linklater seems to like a 24 hour limit of a plot – just like Before Sunrise and Before Sunset)  – the last day of school year in 1976 – the time of partying the whole night through.

It’s a nostalgic  story taking the audiences back into the roaring 1970’s with glossy cars, a lot of weed, first romances, driving around, practical jokes, rites of passage through hazing of freshmen. All scored with contemporary music.

One of the aspects of this film is recognising faces of actors who later came to fame.

It was made in 1993 and it does not age. Worth a watch!

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Horrible Bosses by Seth Gordon

This is my number two comedy of the last 12 months (right after Butterworth’s The Drummond Will).

I did not expect anything more than from Bridesmaids. How wrong was I! This film is amazingly paced, fantastically cast (which includes Kevin Spacey, Donald Sutherland, unrecognisable Colin Farrel, Jamie Foxx and cute as ever Jason Sudeikis – previously known for his role in the terribly disappointing The Bounty Hunter and in the classic 30 Rock) and well written.

Time and money well spent for a big laugh and a big wink at the audiences, who in my opinion deserve such sophisticated and yet plain humour delivered lightly and served with pleasure.

The three main characters (including recently raising to fame Jason Bateman) are as physically different as real life buddies would be; thus making it easy to be distinguished and constituting the proper buddy movie genre.

The story is simple and on the verge of getting absurd, yet quite rational in the end. What seems least credible is the episode involving Jennifer Aniston who a) can’t act and b) should have rejected the role. Yes, we know she has great hair and figure and she was married to Brad Pitt… still waiting for her breaking with the image of Rachel Green. Will that ever happen?

Great buddy movie (maybe somebody might compare it to The Hangover, which is still pending on my list of films to watch!). Great entertainment.


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