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La femme Nikita by Luc Besson (1990)

Where Jean Reno plays a character later to be repeated as another Luc Besson’s film – Leon.

This film has a peculiar pace and some shortcuts to the plot are stressed twice. As if Besson did not trust the audience to get the hint given.

It is one of the films that you watch and cannot take your eyes off the screen even though not each element entirely makes sense.

Tells the story of a junkie, who shoots a policeman in the first few minutes of the film, is then trialled for the death of three, undergoes a staged perceived-to-be-lethal injection to find herself in a training camp for special agents. She learns combat and computer skills, shooting she seems to have mastered beforehand. The character behaves like a total basket case and it is unclear as to why she got selected for the government programme. Putting that aside, it is a good watch, although certain plot points are way too simplified. But hey – this is action movie!


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