Submarine by Richard Ayoade

A brilliant, genius film.

If all films were made like this, we would not need the star rating system at all.

The technical, filmic conscience is fantastic, the play with colour, frames, shots, slow motion unveils director with ability to play with convention and to cunningly break the fourth wall.

There are extracts shot on Super8, there are VHS films within the film, there is a red coat, there is a proper dramatic construction with a prologue and an epilogue.

The story is based on a novel by Joe Dunthorne. A fantastic tale on coming of age, the horror of being 15, having weird parents, a psychic neighbour with whom Mum shares a past, on first love, first kisses, first encounters with death…

Paddy Considine in the role of the derailed light guru delivers great acting. Other adult roles are also well cast. The main young actor Craig Roberts is incredibly authentic in his 15-year-old’s frustrations.

Tremendous cinema.



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3 responses to “Submarine by Richard Ayoade

  1. whilst i wouldn’t go as far as you in calling this film genius. it is something quite wonderful. i’m so happy that ayoade actually cares about cinema rather than just another actor thinking they can direct. i was very impressed.

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