Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese

In my personal ‘Catching Up’ section. I actually watched this one for the first time (in full) this afternoon. Got very lucky to be able to see a (seemingly) remastered digital version.

Everybody knows it, there’s juvenile Jody Foster, handsome Robert de Niro, long-haired Harvey Keitel and young Cybill Shepherd.

Plus a universal message, quite disturbing as to how much happens by accident and how thin is the line between a hero and an assassin and how strong the power of the media is. Apart from the classic 1970’s fashion, there’s the music, consciously led cinematography shot from different angles, traditionally following the character’s point of view, the camera eye has a noticeable role to play. Great colour, lighting, the felt filthiness of New York streets and diners. A true masterpiece (but well everybody knew that already!).  Martin Scorsese’s cameo appearance not to be missed!


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