Somewhere by Sofia Coppola

It’s an eye-opener. How insanely bored a celebrity can get. How fantastic it is to have a fresh look at things from the perspective of an 11-year old girl (fabulous Elle Fanning).

Stephen Dorff in his role as Johnny Marco is blase, nonchalant and unable to see any depth in the life around him. Constantly driving around LA in his black Ferrari, having a beer, partying, watching personal twin-pole-dancers visiting him in his Chateau Marmont room no.59…

His young daughter seems to be putting him back in place, rooting him back in reality. Dorff is incredibly attractive and it comes as no surprise that so many women fall to his feet to be able to spend the night at his place. At some point, however, Johnny begins to realise that there are other things in life than a stunning twentysomething blonde in his bedroom…

Golden Lion in Venice in 2010 went to Sofia Coppola for this one. It’s a quiet film, might not be fully appreciated though by those unaware of the Californian film industry reality.



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2 responses to “Somewhere by Sofia Coppola

  1. This is not for goldfishes. Long, drawn-out, often mind-numbingly dull scenes – apparently designed to make you feel like the protagonist must do, even though he could be doing something far better with all the opportunity his job/success affords him – very frustrating to watch. A weaker version of Lost In Translation, unfortunately.

  2. blondoner

    I think it is very different from Lost in Translation. On the other hand, Sofia Coppola seems to be perfecting auteur cinema, for which I think she deserves recognition. It may not be to everybody’s liking, but it is certainly hers.

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