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The Hangover Part III by Todd Phillips (2013)

The Hangover made in 2009 was fresh. It was funny with its absurdities and lightness of being. The Hangover Part II made in 2011 was done with a bit more effort but still worked as a piece of entertainment. The Hangover Part III misses on a few of the above mentioned features. The concept is a stretch at extending the popularity of the previous two films. Unfortunately, what could’ve been added as an epilogue to the second film, here has been made into feature length.
This time the missing piece of jigsaw is the mystery present from the very start in the previous two films. There is no coming back to follow the footsteps of the previous night. A risky decision to make a linear sequence this time did not work.
Bradley Cooper is charming, Zach Galifianakis does not disappoint with his awkward gestures and clumsiness. But this film did not provide a reason to have been made. And am glad I did not pay for the ticket but watched it at a closed private early preview.


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