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American Sniper by Clint Eastwood (2014)

One of the Oscar contenders for 2015, “American Sniper” tells a true story of Chris Kyle, who was known as Legend among his peers.
He’s a soldier, he’s a Navy SEAL, he’s a sniper. Bradley Cooper paired with Clint Eastwood for an exceptionally well directed and played drama.
The dialogues are well written and credible, the setting looks realistic. Thanks to the dialogues, the script does not exclude the audiences who have little knowledge of US Military structure, or the social structure. You didn’t know who rednecks are? Well, they’re not Texans. You can learn the difference – as Texans ride horses on rodeos, therefore are not rednecks.
This is solid cinema.
It is perhaps more about PTSD rather than combat, but of course there is a lot of gunfire and gunpoint dilemmas.
Bradley Cooper proves one more time to be a mature actor. He is nominated for the Oscar with this role. We’ll find out soon enough.



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