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Our Day Will Come by Romain Gavras

Vincent Cassel as a redhead.

Ideologically, there might be a point of making a film on redheaded people. They have no special rights, are not treated as a minority, the film suggests they should be.

Technically, the film is interesting, has great pace, a certain amount of provocative scenes, where one wonders how far will the two main characters go in pushing things to their limits. They cross the borders with no hesitation. For that reason, the film is fascinating to watch, that and the amazing Vincent Cassel as the bitter crazy elderly gentleman who seemingly has nothing to lose and may want to enjoy life for the last time thanks to accidentally met teenage redhead portrayed by Olivier Barthelemy.

Other than that, the film seems to be an attempt at touching upon the subject and despite being pleasant and at times disgusting to watch, does not bring anything fresh. Some points are certainly valid, the film is worth a watch, but there is something lacking in it. The closure does not give satisfaction, maybe only by giving the spectators a relief that there’s an end to all madness at some point.


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