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Take Me to the River by Martin Shore (2014)

This thing happened to me for the very first time.
Sitting at the cinema during the screening of this film, the 4th wall has been fully broken for me.

Given this is a documentary set mainly in a musical studio, and given I am not sure what was the initial idea behind this – I may have fallen into a mighty musical trap. I watched people rehearse, sing, write music, transpose keys, talk and have fun. And I felt as if I were present inside the studio with them. I clapped, I murmured the rhythm and the songs, I cheered the artists.

Never mind the people in the audience, never mind them thinking I was crazy. I am. A sucker for blues, a sucker for jazz, a sucker for good notes and rhythm.

Yes, this is what happened to me during the screening of this film.

So, I guess, this should serve as a recommendation. Best film I have seen in a very very very long time.

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Meet Monica Velour by Keith Bearden (2010)

In the Geek it Up section.

Starring Kim Cattrall as a faded porn star courted by an obsessed 17-year old nerd, who wants to save her from the circumstances she landed herself in by the inevitable series of life mistakes she made over the previous decades of her career.

A warm story scored with 1930’s hits from the American South proving that those who need help the most can actually act as catalysers helping the others.

Quite an entertaining story with a few melancholic notes. Nice cinematography and coloring and convincing two lead roles.

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