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Django Unchained by Quentin Tarantino (2012)

I didn’t really want to go and see it. But well, it did get a Bafta and the Academy nomination for script, so I eventually did watch it.
Great costumes, seductive music, very good acting. All of that will not replace the usual agility that Tarantino got me used to. Tarantino’s cameo is less subtle than Hitchock used to implement.
a) It is a western genre, b) although it does carry a breath of Tarantino, it is, in the end, too long.
I am used to Tarantino’s films galloping lightly through plot and it was hard for me to slow down, to adjust to the pace of this film. Certainly great artists (and Tarantino definitely is one of them) have to evolve, but I am just not sure if by evolving here Tarantino stays true to himself. The metaphoric explosion at the end (without revealing too much of a plot) I read as the end of Tarantino. Perhaps I was wrong. But in order to judge that, I will need to wait for his next project.

I am very curious as to which film will become the Best Motion Picture on Feb 24th 2013. And am sincerely rooting for Argo.


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