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Silver Tongues by Simon Arthur (2011)

Simon – writer/director for this feature debut plays with the audience from the very start.

The last joke is on us. Until the last scene.

It is a very consciously built story in contra to the American Indie tales of 20-somethings and their emotional issues.

The two main protagonists play with other personae in the drama, but they also play with the audience. In the end, it is hard to tell what is real and what is acted.

Lee Tergesen is that actor of the supporting roles for the last twenty years in American TV. And here he takes the lead. Hypnotising the partners in the story as well as the audience.

A very interesting and powerful experiment in contemporary cinema. Made with skill and consciousness of the form limitations but also the power a film director has in his hands when he decides to present his project to the cinema audience. Simon Arthur is the one to watch out for.


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