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Putin Forever? by Kyrill Nenashev (2015)

Documentary on Russian protests against falsifying the results of presidential elections in 2012.

Estimated budget of $2000,00 (two thousand).

It is fascinating, shocking and eye opening. I personally haven’t heard of 2012 white marches engaging millions (sic!) in Moscow and other places in Russia.

A definite recommend.



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Doctor Zhivago by David Lean

Made in 1965 – an adaptation of Boris Pasternak’s autobiographical novel (Nobel awarded) which was banned in Soviet Russia for over five decades.

197 minute long and yet – it does not seem too long. This is an epic film surprisingly realistic given it was mainly a British production.

This film is a proof that truly great cinema does not age. I was surprised. As not that many films actually pass the exam of time. The characters are flesh & blood, costumes as well as set decorations made with a meticulous attention to detail. Although a few goofs have been revealed by IMDB, it is a fantastic film conveying the spirit of the Soviet Russia, its attempts at intervening in individual’s life, career, social and personal relationships, reading and much more.

The love story within a tragic triangle resonates in 21st century as it did at the beginning of 20th.

If you ever have a chance – watch it. A definite must!

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