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La tendresse (2013) by Marion Hänsel #WFF2013

Belgian road movie – focusing on the lives of one family. The parents have been divorced for several years but they both travel to bring their son back from Alps after a skiing accident disabling him from driving back home. They need to go together as one of them will need to drive back the minivan from Alps.
What has rarely been presented in European cinema – the relationship between former couple is warm, friendly and quite comfortable. The dialogues focus on little things they reminisce upon, on old stories they both can relate to and the obvious affection they both share towards their only son.
A lovely depiction of tenderness.


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La jaula de oro (2013) by Diego Quemada-Díez #WFF2013

The title could be translated as The Golden Cage. The film tells a story of 4 South Americans – teenagers without future in native Guatemala, who pursue on a quest to reach California.
One of them is a girl, who decides to pretend she’s a boy, another is a native Indian who speaks no Spanish (and obviously none of them speak any English).
One of the strongest works presented at this year’s Warsaw Film Festival.
The United States of America is a country built on immigration – and yet, nowadays, it is one of the most guarded countries to get into. It is a promised land for many, but the outcome of the story told here is that obviously – our dreams are rarely realistic and that reaching the dreamland is actually not a goal, but a step in the journey that is life.
It is not an optimistic message, it is a great road movie made with the characteristic Mexican realism (it is a Mexican-Spanish co-production).
An important, universal message to all those unaware of immigrant struggles all over the world, who decide to leave their homeland in search for a better life, which unfortunately rarely does turn out to be a massive improvement.
What is indicative and strengthens the message – is the final credits theme severly based on traditional funeral march.

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Sawdust City by David Nordstrom (2011)

One of the American Indie films when the director is at the same time a writer and the leading man.

The film tells a story of two brothers who in frosty and snowy Wisconsin take up on a challenge to find their drunkard father.

One of the brothers wears a sailor’s uniform and it is Thanksgiving. The other married the ex-girlfriend of the soldier. They both go awol on the dinner made by her and spend the night walking into all bars and gin-joints in the whole town.

The conversations they lead, the people they meet allow the audience to learn a lot about their background, history, past, a bit about their present. Not much into their future as that remains blurry for both.

Despite all appearances it is a road movie, although walked. Recommend!

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On the Way Home by Emiliano Corapi

An Italian road movie. This does not sound too good. But do not judge the book by its cover and do not judge a film by the genre and country of origin!

This is a great film. On love in marriage, on reality and difficult decisions when it comes to following one’s true self and choosing between conformism and moral ideals. Great acting, setting and an intriguing plot. With a little bit of irony and a wink at American cinema, which is always appreciated, isn’t it.


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All That Remains by Pierre-Adrian Irle & Valentin Rotelli

It is a Swiss road movie. Created by yet another ensemble of directors at this year’s Raindance.

A beautiful tale told in two parallel stories of two hitchikers and their two drivers. One story is set on the famous Californian picturesque Higway 1 between Los Angeles and Big Sur, while the other is set just across the Pacific in Japan.

The pace of the movie is very slow and gradually unveils the mystery beyond the two trips.

Beautifully shot, fantastic presentation of city v. nature. Plus beautiful original soundtrack, almost all shot with natural lighting. Great cinema.
Also a great tool of a story told from voice over at the beginning of the film without the ending. That story gets it’s ending when being told again by one of the characters at the end of the film. The second time we hear the rest of the story. Such a nice narrative touch.

Allez les suisses!!!

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