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Treacle Jr. by Jamie Thraves

I will not summarise the plot. The story feels painfully close to 21st century alienation from one’s self. A few films touch upon this very subject (Cedric Klapisch’s Pot Luck to name just one).

It’s a great peek at our contemporary lives in the rich Western civilisation, how illusive everything is and how thin is the line between success/family/richness and poverty/homelessness/loneliness.

The film shows how a cute boy unable to live his life decides to change his and to disappear. On one hand this is easy, on the other though, he slowly learns to understand how attached he is to his earthly belongings and how to use them in the right way.

Buddy/social drama with two cats, one beautiful gal and familiar South London surroundings. Lots of Herne Hill, Dulwich etc. A feel-good cinema this summer. Geniously brilliant role by Irish actor Aidan Gillen.


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