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The most important thing in life is not being dead by Olivier Pictet, Marc Recuenco, Pablo Martín Torrado

Three directors. Swiss-Spanish co-production. A vraie arthouse cinema. Brilliant. Surreal, poetic, magic.

This one depicts true talent and deep knowledge of the classical history of cinema (watch out for Orson Welles!). The hidden truth carried to the audience seems to be that every madness has a rational explanation.

Set in 1970’s Catalunya, a combination of black&white, colour and animation (in the following proportions: 85%/14%/1%). Essentially this is a story of an elderly gentleman whose life and job is tuning the pianos. Jacobo has trouble sleeping and his insomnia triggers a series of confessions allowing to follow his life from youth to current times.

Fantastically paced, shot and directed – a definite recommend!

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