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Never Let Me Go by Mark Romanek (2010)

(spoiler alert)

A successfully conveyed adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel.

The book was considerably alarming in its concept, whereas the film has been made to a little milder version of being seriously disturbing. The story will be revealed below so please do not read if you hate spoilers.

The concept is known to those who had read the book. Clones bred to become vital organs donors who usually do not survive their third donation. Ethical or moral questions are set aside as nobody in the national organ programme seems to care that the clones actually have souls.

Hailsham is a peculiar place on the map as children clones are being educated there just as at any public (=private) school in England. They do sports, they learn art, literature and geography. Hailsham is an experiment led by some idealists who wanted to question the ethics of transplants from bred humans.

The story centers around 3 main characters – classmates watched from early childhood through to final stages of their lives.

Andrew Garfield turned out to be a disappointment for me. I haven’t seen him in Spiderman, but after the Social Network and Never Let Me Go, I concluded he cannot act (and neither can Keira Knightley, but that has been established long ago). Carey Mulligan, however, delivers  a convincing tragic role and has created a convincing character.

This is a film that brings cold thrills to your spine as you sympathise with the donors and as you recognise they have no way of escaping their fate. They cannot just refuse or even postpone their deadly donations. They wear the electronic bracelets and not even a thought is cast as to perhaps ridding of that and tasting freedom.

Great film based on a sick but not that unreasonable or out of touch concept.


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