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Ki/My name is Ki by Leszek Dawid (2011)

In the Polish Feature Competition

A dynamic and energetic story with brilliant performances by two leading actors – Roma Gąsiorowska and Adam Woronowicz.

Ki is a single mother of a 3-year old boy, who has an incredible talent of blaming everyone around for anything that does not go well, while at the same time involving everyone around with her responsibilities – as a mother, as flatmate, as friend. As a result, Ki – an aspiring performance artist – has fewer and fewer people at her side willing to bring on help.

Miko – her reluctant flatmate (again, she moves in thanks to a favour offered by another friend and does not respect the rules of the house blaming the toddler for her incapabilities) is a silent superhero in Ki’s life, which she fails to notice until it is too late and he leaves for good.

This film won the Off Plus Camera Polish Film Competition and one of the perks is UK distribution. Go watch it. You will hate Ki for all her games and will reflect at how it is possible that such people exist and ruin our lives every day.


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