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“Saturday Night Fever” (1977) by John Badham

This film has not aged well. Despite it being made in the golden era of Hollywood. The daily problems of 20-somethings do not correspond well to today’s experiences.

One could argue that it is a fair social study of late 1970’s in New York among the children of 2nd or 3rd generation of immigrants from Old Europe.

I love dancing and I do see the appeal of the main story. So I understand how it became a success back in its time.

But now? No thanks. I am allergic to disco music, so probably that is why it has been a difficult watch.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe it is a universal picture of troubled youth. I just don’t dig it.


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Love Hunter (2013) by Branislav ‘Brane’ Bala, Nemanja Bala #WFF2013

Milan (as himself) is a Serbian rock star over 40, who drives a yellow cab in NYC and in the meantime works on material for his next album – to be recorded in Manhattan.
Although seemingly shallow, this film is nothing like that. The universal truths about life are expressed from various angles giving the audience the chance to pick a side. Is it a regular job in a suit that is most important in life or is it following your dreams working somewhere below your potential, which however allows you for fulfilling your dreams of music making/ or anything else one might pick…
A very warm and hopeful story of how lives can take us where we want, but sometimes the circumstances will surprise us. Amazing film.

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