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Spectre by Sam Mendes (2015) – the new James Bond movie

One more time Daniel Craig as 007. Again, Ralph Fiennes as M.
The Blond Bond begins to show grey hair, but one surprisingly strong character turns out to be Q (Ben Whishaw again), who suddenly appears in the field rather than solely remain in the HQ.
What I liked about Spectre – it nicely circles back to the original Casino Royale, to Quantum of Solace and to Skyfall – paying tribute to Craig’s previous Bond movies. It does more than that as – one attentive viewer may note – there are subtle nods to Casablanca, and previous James Bond films.
Amazingly shot, beautifully edited, with breathtaking racing scenes and charming Bond, as ever, with devilishly blue eyes and soft heart, as ever.
Great dialogues too, full of irony, double entendres and class. Slightly more is served on a silver plate, sligthly less is left for interpretation. Good one Mr. Mendes. I sincerely hope this is not the last time for Daniel Craig as Bond.


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La jaula de oro (2013) by Diego Quemada-Díez #WFF2013

The title could be translated as The Golden Cage. The film tells a story of 4 South Americans – teenagers without future in native Guatemala, who pursue on a quest to reach California.
One of them is a girl, who decides to pretend she’s a boy, another is a native Indian who speaks no Spanish (and obviously none of them speak any English).
One of the strongest works presented at this year’s Warsaw Film Festival.
The United States of America is a country built on immigration – and yet, nowadays, it is one of the most guarded countries to get into. It is a promised land for many, but the outcome of the story told here is that obviously – our dreams are rarely realistic and that reaching the dreamland is actually not a goal, but a step in the journey that is life.
It is not an optimistic message, it is a great road movie made with the characteristic Mexican realism (it is a Mexican-Spanish co-production).
An important, universal message to all those unaware of immigrant struggles all over the world, who decide to leave their homeland in search for a better life, which unfortunately rarely does turn out to be a massive improvement.
What is indicative and strengthens the message – is the final credits theme severly based on traditional funeral march.

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Flor de fango by Guillermo González (2011) #rdff

This is a Mexican drama. It tells the story of a hopeless case of middle-aged Augusto, who is a teacher, husband to beautiful Ruth and falls for a destructive passion for a 13-year old sort of adopted daughter of his.

The tragic journey to catch the escaping dove (or maybe in Mexico it is more like a seagull) should teach him a lesson. Yet he never learns and carries on through neckbreaking quest. The trip he undertakes is less geographical and more existential. There is a very high ladder he falls down from.

Perhaps this is a portrayal of contemporary Mexico and how thin the border is between the rich and the poorest. Perhaps this is a tale showing how relatively simple it is to switch from a fairly comfortable life to a life in the gutter.

All in all, perhaps the strongest side of this film is the costume, the colour, the music and the illusive beauty of the girl, who seems so innocent.

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