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Numb by Harris Goldberg (2007)

Matthew Perry plays a depressed and detached from reality 30-something script writer and part of creative duo (the other half is quiet as never Kevin Pollak).

He is at a moment in life, when men his age go through their mid-life crisis. It seems Hudson never quite got over his adolescence until now. After having smoked one joint too many, he begins to suffer from a rare psychological condition, which practically disables him from normal functioning. He mainly sleeps and bores his shrink to deep REM.

A much welcome turning point appears when he meets Sara – the perfect idealised version of a woman-anchor, woman-saver, woman- iconic embodiment of forbearance and patience.

Perry is as far from his comic roles as possible and to a good change. His role is carefully led and credible. This film galloped through screens without much ado, go catch up if you can!

The melancholic drama carries an important message of the need for distancing oneself from everyday trouble to focus on the big picture and the general direction one needs to take going forward.

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Mr. Sunshine (2011 ABC – cancelled)

Allison Janney and Matthew Perry leading an enseble cast within a single-camera format.

They were both seen together before on the set of The West Wing. The chemistry seems to be working quite well.

They both are incredibly talented and work well as an ensemble. It was a good idea but perhaps the setup of the story was a little too abstract and irrelevant to many. Funny lines can only work as long as you learn something new about he characters, their development or their back story. Once all is established, there is not much left.
Janney’s character is funny as long as she is an irrational rich lady. Once she gets more human, I’m no longer interested.

What’s old: episode length – 22 minutes and style of short and pointy yet witty dialogues leading to slightly deeper layers but not too deep.

What’s new: the setting – for all I know it could be set on the moon or at a plank factory. It doesn’t really matter and that is unfortunate.

Verdict: the show got cancelled after only one season without even airing the last few episodes. There was not much to follow. Shame. But hope they will get something new soon.

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