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Imagine by Andrzej Jakimowski (2012) #OffPlusCamera2013

Jakimowski makes visually beautiful films. This one is no exception.
It tells the story of a progressive professor extraordinaire who wants to teach blind children how to orientate in space without their white canes. The teacher himself has no eyes, which makes the task even more difficult than it sounds.
Few things happen, few things are shown, and yet this film makes us – people who can see, identify with the necessity of trusting our all other senses instead of sight. This could be done in darkness or blindfold.
The beauty of this film lies as usually in Jakimowski’s films in lighting and cinematography (thanks to Adam Bajerski).
Imagine brings magic to the lives of those who watch it. And think about it – it is set in Lisbon, although it takes a little while to figure that out. Mainly because little is shown and a lot is imagined. Great cinema. Lovely film.


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Bonsái by Cristián Jiménez

This film flows as if it was composed and not written. Very poetic, beautifully shot, carefully put together.

There is nothing I would cut. It is a fully finished entity with deep and serious, yet light and natural acting, interesting interiors and costume design.

The tale goes back and forth between now and 8 years before, telling the story of a couple of lovers from university, which is then being retold by the main protagonist who appears in both timelines. He is a struggling writer and is fascinated by Bonsai as well as Proust, whose literature magically connects to his relationship with the former girlfriend from 8 years back.

Beautiful, sensitively told and great magic cinema.

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The most important thing in life is not being dead by Olivier Pictet, Marc Recuenco, Pablo Martín Torrado

Three directors. Swiss-Spanish co-production. A vraie arthouse cinema. Brilliant. Surreal, poetic, magic.

This one depicts true talent and deep knowledge of the classical history of cinema (watch out for Orson Welles!). The hidden truth carried to the audience seems to be that every madness has a rational explanation.

Set in 1970’s Catalunya, a combination of black&white, colour and animation (in the following proportions: 85%/14%/1%). Essentially this is a story of an elderly gentleman whose life and job is tuning the pianos. Jacobo has trouble sleeping and his insomnia triggers a series of confessions allowing to follow his life from youth to current times.

Fantastically paced, shot and directed – a definite recommend!

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A Thousand Kisses Deep by Dana Lustig

This film is technically perfect which allows for total immersion into the story told. The script is a masterpiece, acting superb and the omnipresent music an additional almost flesh&blood protagonist.

The title is a direct quotation from Leonard Cohen’s famous song, obviously.

It is a powerful cinema which is deeply thought through and very carefully executed. A magic story of a life long infatuation and going back in memory of a young woman who has to cope with two deaths in her close proximity and bravely carry on with her life.

An absolute must see for those idealists who still believe in the beauty and power of story telling through cinematic techniques – like myself.

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