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Stockholm by Borja Soler, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Eduardo Villanueva (2013) #WFF2013

Visually stunning, a hypnotising tale of a one night stand.
As usual – there is a party, there is a girl and there’s this one lad. What goes on for the first part of the film breaks into a predictable ending of the first half of the film. What goes on the next morning is a different story. The dangerous game between the couple of 30-somethings undertakes most unexpected turns.
Without revealing much of the plot – the film is beautifully shot, and the ethereal looks of the redheaded heroine matches amazingly Madrid’s red roof tiles.
In a way this may be interpreted as a portrayal of contemporary youths, who lost in reality, desperately seek a few hours of normality. Together with the girl, the audience gives in to the charming advances of a good looking guy and most probably as well as the girl, few suspect the change that is about to happen in the morning.
Smart, with a lot of dialogue, games, role plays and a melancholic message wrapped in a lovely white paper with the red tiles in the background.
A beautiful drama.


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