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Lynch by Krzysztof Lukaszewicz

Inspired by true events, a result of long talks with the life-witnesses of the whole story.

In a region, where the police station is so far that it cannot physically secure a fair and family violence issues lives a 60-year old man who terrorises a few villages in the area. He is witty at hiding in the woods when the police arrives, spotting when the postman arrives with his ex-wife’s pension, beating up female shop assistant when she refuses to sell him vodka on credit.

The hospital is also far away and the doctor does not care about the reasons for more and more women being brought for his help. He will not certify.

The local community is left to themselves. After one attack too many, they take the issue in their hands.

The real story was widely covered in the media back in 2005, when the lynch took place. Why bring it back?


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