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Erratum by Marek Lechki

Somebody said (was it Soderbergh?) that one may assume a film by a glimpse at its director. Probably this is not always the case, but the definition fits Marek Lechki’s case. The main protagonist, played by Tomasz Kot, very much brings to mind the calm and restrained director.

The films tells the story of a fairly young man, who, which is more and more visible in the process of following his steps, had renounced his dreams and aspirations to become a pawn in average sized accounting company. As a youth, he set up a jazz band, played the trumpet, now is a boring uninspiring citizen. His path leads through the steps of his younger self when due to an accident he is stuck in his hometown for longer than originally planned.

It is a very calm and minimalistic film showing way more on the edges than centrally onscreen. A fascinating tale, universal at that. The film screened at Toronto and other important places. Won the 1-2 competition at Warsaw Film Fest in 2010. For a reason. This is one of those important voices of our times.


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