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The Private Lives of Pippa Lee by Rebecca Miller (2009)

A warm story of a perfect woman to whom the whole world turns in doubt – for help, piece of advice, good word. And she is always there for them. Pippa Lee is a cartoon wife taken straight from a 1950’s tale. Married to a much older husband, happy, smiling and never complaining. The illusion cracks gradually when she meets the neighbour’s prodigal son, when she finds out about her sleepwalking and when it turns out that her husband is cheating on her. Double parallel narrative of Pippa telling her life story in between the plot points builds to a cohesive and full picture of a perfect wife who has a past. That past turns out to be extremely different from the life she is leading so the obvious question arises – how will it resolve.

Great colours, set design, costumes, a well balanced story and a feel good film.

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