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All That Remains by Pierre-Adrian Irle & Valentin Rotelli

It is a Swiss road movie. Created by yet another ensemble of directors at this year’s Raindance.

A beautiful tale told in two parallel stories of two hitchikers and their two drivers. One story is set on the famous Californian picturesque Higway 1 between Los Angeles and Big Sur, while the other is set just across the Pacific in Japan.

The pace of the movie is very slow and gradually unveils the mystery beyond the two trips.

Beautifully shot, fantastic presentation of city v. nature. Plus beautiful original soundtrack, almost all shot with natural lighting. Great cinema.
Also a great tool of a story told from voice over at the beginning of the film without the ending. That story gets it’s ending when being told again by one of the characters at the end of the film. The second time we hear the rest of the story. Such a nice narrative touch.

Allez les suisses!!!

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Norwegian Wood by Anh Hung Tran

A true festival gem. Projecting on 35mm brings the audience closer to traditional cinema formats. Fantastic lighting, cinematography, playing with focus, filming at times in counterdirection regarding the actual movement of the action.

The soundtrack contains The Beatles Norwegian Wood but also The Doors Indian Summer ballad.

The film is unbearable for those used to main stream Hollywood cinema and a true gem to film festival goers who are used to a slower pace of the Asian cinema and can appreciate its charm.

The story is touching and beautifully filmed. Six stars out of six for those connaisseurs among the audiences. A long, slow peaceful love story at times painfully truthful.

An amazing, beautiful film.

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