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Stockholm by Borja Soler, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Eduardo Villanueva (2013) #WFF2013

Visually stunning, a hypnotising tale of a one night stand.
As usual – there is a party, there is a girl and there’s this one lad. What goes on for the first part of the film breaks into a predictable ending of the first half of the film. What goes on the next morning is a different story. The dangerous game between the couple of 30-somethings undertakes most unexpected turns.
Without revealing much of the plot – the film is beautifully shot, and the ethereal looks of the redheaded heroine matches amazingly Madrid’s red roof tiles.
In a way this may be interpreted as a portrayal of contemporary youths, who lost in reality, desperately seek a few hours of normality. Together with the girl, the audience gives in to the charming advances of a good looking guy and most probably as well as the girl, few suspect the change that is about to happen in the morning.
Smart, with a lot of dialogue, games, role plays and a melancholic message wrapped in a lovely white paper with the red tiles in the background.
A beautiful drama.


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Black Mirror – Charlie Brooker’s TV series

Both seasons consisted each of 3 episodes.
The lowest common denominator in each episode seems to be Twitter.
Other than that, every single one story is as different from the other as possible.

The drama centers around moral dilemmas, the power of mass media, the omnipresent will for control over individual, for knowledge of what is going on behind closed doors and – even – inside one’s head.

Sometimes the setting is next door, current timing, sometimes it is in a near future, and sometimes a scary distant future.

Twitter is not the only thing borrowed from NOW. There is also the concept of mass audience depicted on the extreme level of herd instincts which although well known to us – the way it is presented should wake everyone in terror. If that is the future of television and mass entertainment, I would like to step back and move into the woods. And never get out.

Amazing, incredible visionary set of tales on humans, human nature and the future of civilisation. Disturbing, scary at times, but I honestly hope these are the worst case scenarios and they will never come to being.

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