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The Lottery of Birth by Raoul Martinez, Joshua van Praag (2012) #rdff

Another document at this year’s Raindance.

Touching upon the subjects of choice in our everyday lives. Illustrated on the striking example of professor Milgram’s experiments at Yale university in 1960’s, where consistently 65% of participants of diverse backgrounds do not hesitate to blindly follow the rules deadly injuring other participants of the experiment (unaware that the subjects of the experiment are hired actors).

The main message of this picture filled with talking heads – amongst whom are experts in diverse fields – economy, sociology, history, seems to be – act, don’t be the idle watcher. Quite a challenge in the contemporary world when we have gradually become indifferent to social inequalities and injustice in general.

Too drastic at times – I understand this is for audiences who have no idea Holocaust ever happened but I would be satisfied with numbers/statistics rather than gory images from concentration camps, of piles of dead bodies and starving children.

Although the purpose of this film is righteous – it seemed a bit too blunt and too claustrophobic.

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