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Mes provinciales by Jean-Paul Civeyrac (2018)

Over 2 hours in length in black and white. What to expect? It could be pretentious. But it’s not.

This film has everything I look for in the cinema. There is the protagonist: conflicted, entrapped in his own personality and indolence. Seemingly passive but in the end turns out to have had a clear agenda all the way. There is romance, there is love, there is quest for the sense of life and plenty of literature references (such as e.g. the original French title is a nod to Blaise Pascale’s “Les provincials”).

It’s set in Paris, so there is a lot of smoking, long discussions into the night over bottles of wine and traces of things that other metropolises do not have. There is also love and its diverse faces and measures. One of those films that leaves you thoughtful and pensive for a long time. Funny enough, we get asked one question throughout the film “why making films?”. Well this one provides a decent answer.


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500 Days of Summer (2009)

Everything was so carefully executed it almost sounds unlikely to be a feature film and not a 7 minute video.

1. the title sequence with voice over, with images of the 2 main characters – the screen divided

2. great music, great cutting/editing

3. quotations from famous movies; Fellini’s La Strada, Bergman’s Seventh Seal, an extract from the Graduate

4. the sketches that so fantastically bind the whole film

5. achronological sequences

6. semi-documentaries

7. great dialogues

8. great interiors, costumes, music, lighting, sound

9. LA


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