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Los Amantes Pasajeros by Pedro Almodovar (2013)

Entitled in English as the tagline of a famous song “I’m so excited” which is performed brutally and emphatically during the film’s climax. 

We have the unity of time, place and action as per Aristotle’s classic recipe. Coach class is put down to sleep so as not to disturb the actual dramatis personae: the crew and the passengers of business class. The flight leaves for Mexico, but never gets there. Antonio Banderas is to blame but the plane cannot leave Spain. What we get as a result is good old Almodovar – getting back to his roots, back to his 1980’s gems – light comedies with a grain of melancholy. As always – colourful, artistic and rich in so many jokes, metaphors, blow jobs as well as brilliant insights into society rules and borders.


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