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The Long Good Friday by John Mackenzie

Catching up, brings to mind what I overheard on the Londonist podcast; “London will be a great place when they finish it”. Looking at the town back in 1978 and in 2011 – there is a comparable amount of cranes in sight!
Setting that aside, ignoring the utopian (?) plans overlooking far into the distant future of the Olympics in 1988 (!), this film brings a new type of female protagonist in the gangster genre. Helen Mirren’s Victoria is smarter and better educated than her mafioso partner played by Bob Hoskins. She almost runs the business for him and she is the one coming up with ideas when Harold is clueless.

Look out for the young and handsome Pierce Brosnan, who I believe utters one word throughout the film (‘hi’).

Well written and with a surprisingly small amount of dialogue (ADR I think) with quite a good sound quality. Nice epoque costumes, score and old cars (only then, they weren’t old!).

A great piece of master cinema. Definite must to watch.

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