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Stranger Things by Eleanor Burke & Ron Eyal

A postmodern Good Samaritan story. A very slow and quiet film on homelessness and empathy that we rarely have in these busy times.

The main theme is of a young woman who after her mother’s death has to clean up her house, her clothes, her souvenirs, her drawings, deal with the past and focus on remembering the good things. She is an anthropology student therefore everything is recorded in interviews – when she talks to the neighbour, when she talks to herself, when she talks to the homeless man who moved in into her mother’s house assuming nobody lived there.

Not my taste, but this is not bad cinema.


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After Fall, Winter by Eric Schaeffer

Man of all trades: writer, director and main star of the film Mr Eric Schaeffer made this film as a sequel to 1997 Fall.

I haven’t seen the first part, but according to their creator the two are very loosely connected.

It is a very shakespearean drama with a cathartic (?) ending. Good performance of the leading actress Lizzie Brocheré.

It’s a nice story with a nasty ending. Worth a watch although viewers must be warned there are a lot of non-traditional sex behaviours depicted. The film is long but does not feel long as the plot grasps the audiences’ attention till the last minute.

Not my taste but this is a well-done piece of work.

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