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“Joy” by David O. Russel (2015)

Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper in a slightly different combination than in “Silver Linings Playbook” – this time De Niro is Lawrence’s father rather than Cooper’s. Why the switch? Just a bow to the previous film? Maybe.

Based on a true story, the film shows a struggle to make dreams come true – when you’re a woman – divorced, with children and a complicated living situation (grandma, mother, parents, who are divorced and ex-husband + plumber – all live under one roof. And Joy has a business idea.

It’s less absorbing than the above mentioned “Silver Linings Playbook”. Perhaps because there is no love theme.

Interesting story, but not the most successful presentation.  There are other, more interesting films to watch this season.



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American Sniper by Clint Eastwood (2014)

One of the Oscar contenders for 2015, “American Sniper” tells a true story of Chris Kyle, who was known as Legend among his peers.
He’s a soldier, he’s a Navy SEAL, he’s a sniper. Bradley Cooper paired with Clint Eastwood for an exceptionally well directed and played drama.
The dialogues are well written and credible, the setting looks realistic. Thanks to the dialogues, the script does not exclude the audiences who have little knowledge of US Military structure, or the social structure. You didn’t know who rednecks are? Well, they’re not Texans. You can learn the difference – as Texans ride horses on rodeos, therefore are not rednecks.
This is solid cinema.
It is perhaps more about PTSD rather than combat, but of course there is a lot of gunfire and gunpoint dilemmas.
Bradley Cooper proves one more time to be a mature actor. He is nominated for the Oscar with this role. We’ll find out soon enough.


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The Hangover Part III by Todd Phillips (2013)

The Hangover made in 2009 was fresh. It was funny with its absurdities and lightness of being. The Hangover Part II made in 2011 was done with a bit more effort but still worked as a piece of entertainment. The Hangover Part III misses on a few of the above mentioned features. The concept is a stretch at extending the popularity of the previous two films. Unfortunately, what could’ve been added as an epilogue to the second film, here has been made into feature length.
This time the missing piece of jigsaw is the mystery present from the very start in the previous two films. There is no coming back to follow the footsteps of the previous night. A risky decision to make a linear sequence this time did not work.
Bradley Cooper is charming, Zach Galifianakis does not disappoint with his awkward gestures and clumsiness. But this film did not provide a reason to have been made. And am glad I did not pay for the ticket but watched it at a closed private early preview.

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Limitless by Neil Burger (2011)

I saw a great drawing depicting a film journalist sitting down at his computer to write down a review having watched “Limitless”. He just sits there. In all three pics of the comic.

I had the same problem. Here is why.

The film touches upon the creative inability/writer’s block. Initially this sets off as a story of a sad person who cannot cope with his life, is being dumped by his girlfriend and unable to produce a sensible few pages of the novel he already signed a contract for. When he is at the bottom and cannot really get any lower, he bumps into an old acquaintance in the street. There goes the breakthrough. Former brother-in-law buys our writer a drink and drops in a freebie – a pill of a supposedly licensed drug enhancing human brains.

Only the drug isn’t licensed. And the supplier gets shot the next day. And … it really works.

What sets off for Eddie Morra is a journey on the rollercoaster as he finds a fair amount stuck in Vernon’s flat. He finishes his book in no time (and it’s good), takes control over his life, and basically as long as he remembers to eat and stays away from alcohol, he is invincible.

The downsides? Well – the limited amount of the magic drug for one thing, another is definitely that once the Russian mafia finds out about it, Eddie’s in danger.

Overall impression? I want that drug! Don’t we all? Imagine, you can sit down at your computer and produce whatever you wanted to produce and it’s good. Or you can learn easily how the stock markets work and make money that way. Or you can get into politics and become the US president. You can learn as many languages as you want in no time… It is mentioned at the beginning of the film that this drug works better on smart people. Is that a drop of irony? Is that a wink at the audience strengthened by the final few scenes when Eddie openly states he no longer uses the drug? My understanding of the overall message is that if you really know what you want and focus on that, you can do miracles, hence why it works on smart people. It’s not the pill that we need, just confidence and belief in our own strengths.

I like films with a moral. And I really liked this one.

I will watch it again and again – every time I feel I am unable to move on with something I want to be reminded it is all in my head. And once I realise that, all I need to do is get my stuff together and act.

Great performance by Bradley Cooper, fantastic supporting role of Robert de Niro.

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