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Rona&Nele by Silvia Chiogna (2013) #WFF2013

Nele is an architecture student without belief in own success. Rona is an unemployed graphic designer. Their paths cross on one morning in a supermarket. This is Berlin in the 1990’s. Just after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the society is at mild chaos mixing with liberty and freedom to do what one wants. 20-somethings party, study and pick on lifestyle.
The two girls become friends and mvoe in together into a squatted flat which soon gains more artsy neighbours.
It is a picture of what once was – when abandoned blocks of flats could be used and lived in, when romanticism of alternative living was beginning to get trendy.
Yet another warm film allowing for looking at certain aspects of life from a distance and a slightly different angle.
The finishing lines credits are accompanied by a German version of the Russian song “Black Eyes” (Очи чёрные).

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Angel Express by Rolf Peter Kahl

A German accent on this year’s Raindance.

This is a re-cut version of a film that was originally shot and made in 1998.

Although the director was present in the audience during the Q&A’s after the screening, it is not clear to me why he decided to re-cut the same old film 12 years after. Because it is not a Blade Runner cult like film. And unlike the famous example, this film has aged.

As many times in the cinema, this is a story of a few characters somehow connected through work/place/relationships in 1990’s Berlin. There are a few interesting faces and the plot does hold together. Yet some of its elements seem as if cut midway through the characters personal visions and stories.

One of the things worth noting is fantastic cinematography.

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