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Batman Begins by Christopher Nolan (2005)

The first of the Batman series (co)written and directed by Christopher Nolan.

Having watched the Michael Keaton Batman back in 1990’s, I never expected much after the cartoon character.

When Nolan however took the piece into his hands – it had to be good. And bloody good it is.

The mere idea of casting Christian Bale who definitely knows how to bring on his dark side – as demonstrated in the American Psycho, was one of the top notch decisions that brought: a) the character back to life / the big screen and b) the dynamics of large scale studio production back into business. Nolan’s/Bale’s Batman is a powerful tool who in this first episode shows how the balance of power is constructed and who Bruce Wayne seems to be before he becomes who is later known as Batman. Here the young character has the added depth that was missing to me as the ignorant, who never read the comic stories. Thanks to this film, I understand more on the background of the character.

Nolan as writer-director sets out the background for future stories; shows how the symbol got created and where it came from. It is an epic story which at the end of the film can be taken forward.

No second unit means each take was overlooked personally by Nolan. How meticulous he is, can be seen in every scene. Because the whole film carries his viewpoint. Known to fans of Memento and specifically Inception, Nolan is another master in contemporary cinema.


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