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Rona&Nele by Silvia Chiogna (2013) #WFF2013

Nele is an architecture student without belief in own success. Rona is an unemployed graphic designer. Their paths cross on one morning in a supermarket. This is Berlin in the 1990’s. Just after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the society is at mild chaos mixing with liberty and freedom to do what one wants. 20-somethings party, study and pick on lifestyle.
The two girls become friends and mvoe in together into a squatted flat which soon gains more artsy neighbours.
It is a picture of what once was – when abandoned blocks of flats could be used and lived in, when romanticism of alternative living was beginning to get trendy.
Yet another warm film allowing for looking at certain aspects of life from a distance and a slightly different angle.
The finishing lines credits are accompanied by a German version of the Russian song “Black Eyes” (Очи чёрные).


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Stranger Things by Eleanor Burke & Ron Eyal

A postmodern Good Samaritan story. A very slow and quiet film on homelessness and empathy that we rarely have in these busy times.

The main theme is of a young woman who after her mother’s death has to clean up her house, her clothes, her souvenirs, her drawings, deal with the past and focus on remembering the good things. She is an anthropology student therefore everything is recorded in interviews – when she talks to the neighbour, when she talks to herself, when she talks to the homeless man who moved in into her mother’s house assuming nobody lived there.

Not my taste, but this is not bad cinema.

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