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The Casserolle Club by Steve Balderson

A very peculiar ballad set in the 1960’s in Californian suburbs. Careful set design, period costumes and make up. Unfortunate sound quality, disturbing cinematography and lighting.

Great music and colour palette.

The opening sequence brings to mind Mad Men which is an obvious comparison due to the time setting of both – the famous TV drama and the feature by Balderson. The plot is secondary to the general impression, which in my case was instead of a created coherent world, I get a fancy dress party with vintage interior decor. The actors form a very uneven ensemble and what is a great achievement on the costume and make-up side is unfortunately not supported by body language. Even though the actors are dressed and stylized for 1960’s, their manners, gesture and movement are very contemporary. If it’s intentional, I don’t understand why.

All in all – only for those who enjoy a good artsy piece, but not for the acting and not for the plot, which did not bring anything new into my life. Too much naked male buttocks to my taste and not too much depth.

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