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Howl by Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman

The life of writer-poet Allen Ginsberg is presented through magic, impeccable filmic tools.

What strikes a very personal chord are the mockumentary fragments when Allen Ginsberg talks about the life of a writer; how he could write whatever he wished because he knew it would never be published. He never wanted his father to read whatever Ginsberg had to write. He wrote for the drawer only.

The film is short and intertwines the jumps through time back and forth, where the main action takes place in the courtroom where several literary men are asked to establish whether Ginsberg’s HOWL has any literary merit. It is being compared toWalt Whitman’s LEAVES OF GRASS.

It should be a must watch for English Literature students, writers, poets, aesthetes, cinema geeks, poetry geeks, 1950’s and 1960’s enthusiasts, Mad Men fanatics, bohemians, artists, indie cinema lovers… and their friends.

A masterpiece, slightly too short perhaps…


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