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American Psycho by Mary Herron (2000)

Adaptation of a controversial novel by Bret Easton Ellis. The careful and detailed descriptions allowed for an accurate depiction of Patrick Bateman’s obsessive attention to detail. Christian Bale is perfect in the role of an insane serial killer leading an immaculate life of a 1980’s yuppie.

Although made in 2000, the film breathes and feels the 1980’s – the times of Wall Street, walkman, golden watches and first cordless phones.

It is a horror film but on the verge of comedy. Thankfully certain scenes described in detail in the book were too hard core to be shown on the screen.

It’s a good film and Christian Bale  is the embodiment of pure evil.


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Przypadek by Krzysztof Kieślowski

Made in 1981, did not make it to the cinema release until 1987 – most probably for political reasons.

We follow the same hero – Witek throughout three different variants of the same story. He runs to catch a train. In one case, he catches the train and we follow his political career in Warsaw. In the remaining two he misses the train but still lives two very different versions of his life. This famous film leaves the audience stunned at the ending which is the same for all the three versions of Witek’s life.

Krzysztof Kieslowski truly was one of the masters of the cinema and this is one of his masterpieces, where every little detail is directed and set up to its magnified limits, where every frame and every shot is carefully studied and has a hidden meaning. Even though I am originally Polish and have been brought up in the 1980’s behind the Iron Curtain, this film is so filled with political metaphors that I could not read the meaning for quite a few of them. Will need to consult the parents for some explanations. At the same time, however, the film sounds painfully universal and plays with fate, chance and how little things or incidents can change the paths of our lives and we never know which way fate will take us, although, perhaps, the ending might be the same. Still, all roads may well lead to Rome, but there are so many of them, that we will see quite different landscapes on each of them.

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