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Cloud Atlas by Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski (2012)

Uncomfortable message, terrible makeup. Each of the main characters played by Oscar winners Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and others such as e.g. Ben Whishaw (the youngest in the history of James Bond films to play Q). The trick is that they are different people, but in essence they are the same. The message is that no matter what you do in your (current) life, you are predisposed by your previous lives. In other words, you get the same choices again and again. Not only within your life, but within your lives.

Annoyingly, it is not defined as to how many lives one may get. If there is an end to this.

Given the plots span for approx. 4 centuries, the personae played by the same actors somehow grow into their roles over time. So they are oldest at the very end in the far end future. Maybe this is a shortcut, maybe a simplification to our understanding given how we perceive the linearity of time.

Personally I liked the 1970’s episode. Funnily enough all the stories are played at the same time indicating that the same choices cross over time and history. It is a bit confusing and in the end, the difference in close future (21st century) and further future (22nd century) is that one reminds us of Blade Runner, and the other of Cast Away.

So I guess, not a super successful or original voice in the cinema. And the concept? Well… uncomfortable, perhaps contradictory with common Western beliefs. It will be hard to find out for oneself.

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