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Los Amantes Pasajeros by Pedro Almodovar (2013)

Entitled in English as the tagline of a famous song “I’m so excited” which is performed brutally and emphatically during the film’s climax. 

We have the unity of time, place and action as per Aristotle’s classic recipe. Coach class is put down to sleep so as not to disturb the actual dramatis personae: the crew and the passengers of business class. The flight leaves for Mexico, but never gets there. Antonio Banderas is to blame but the plane cannot leave Spain. What we get as a result is good old Almodovar – getting back to his roots, back to his 1980’s gems – light comedies with a grain of melancholy. As always – colourful, artistic and rich in so many jokes, metaphors, blow jobs as well as brilliant insights into society rules and borders.

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Side Effects by Steven Soderbergh (2013) #OffPlusCamera2013

Without giving too much away – this film seems to be for the first part an antimanifesto – a voice against the pharmaceutical lobby bearing power over society in the US.
Luckily, this film is more than that. It is a craftily told story of how easy it is to be deceived by appearances, by what we’re told, by what we receive/are being fed from the outstide world – mainly by the media.
Jude Law is only slightly convincing as a shrink turned Sherlock Holmes (huh?), when Zeta-Jones fails on all fronts.
Rooney Mara is great but I only saw her in Prometheus recently and don’t feel like she had time to convert to this new role?
All in all – don’t watch it unless there is nothing else in the cinema near you.

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Imagine by Andrzej Jakimowski (2012) #OffPlusCamera2013

Jakimowski makes visually beautiful films. This one is no exception.
It tells the story of a progressive professor extraordinaire who wants to teach blind children how to orientate in space without their white canes. The teacher himself has no eyes, which makes the task even more difficult than it sounds.
Few things happen, few things are shown, and yet this film makes us – people who can see, identify with the necessity of trusting our all other senses instead of sight. This could be done in darkness or blindfold.
The beauty of this film lies as usually in Jakimowski’s films in lighting and cinematography (thanks to Adam Bajerski).
Imagine brings magic to the lives of those who watch it. And think about it – it is set in Lisbon, although it takes a little while to figure that out. Mainly because little is shown and a lot is imagined. Great cinema. Lovely film.

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