Silver Linings Playbook (2012) by David O.Russell

We all remember Jacki Weaver as Smurfette from the amazing Animal Kingdom of Sundance two years ago.

Here again she is the mother and wife very different from Smurfette. Married to Robert de Niro’s Pat Senior, Dolores is a warm kind, loving and supporting housewife trapped between two impetuous men she loves.

Pat junior played by Bradley Cooper is magnetically insane and painfully credible as a cuckold who had spent the last 8 months in seclusion, working on his behaviour, improving his physical and social fitness.

The hypnotic script and verbal games between two main characters – Pat and Tiffany bring a feast to our ears and brains. The dialogues are so incredibly well written one feels sorry for other films.

It’s a greatly written and fantastically played film which I strongly recommend for fun, for appreciation of the art of cinematography, just leave at the last dance scene. Nothing to watch after.


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