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Detachment by Tony Kaye (2011)

Adrien Brody is a replacement teacher who only teaches English until the end of the semester before the proper teacher gets hired.

The film pictures the crisis of the institution of school, the burning out of teachers, the helpless children who get agressive and violent as that seems to be the only way for them to survive the cursed adolescence.

Brody plays a flesh and blood character who has the patience and smoothness of a lamb while at school, but has also a brutal and strict side of him outside the workplace.

Amazingly acted and fantastically told – great watch.


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Prometheus by Ridley Scott (2012)

Michael Fassbender is an android – very convincing and emotionless just like in Steve McQueen’s Shame.

Noomi Rapace  – very convincing in the role of survivor and fighter – just like in the Swedish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Charlize Theron – slim and shy, as if forced to command the quest to the far moon seeking answers to world old questions.

Remarkable and brilliant Guy Pearce – totally unrecognisable.

The opening scene – especially when watched on the IMAX is breathtaking. There is an ancient monk or perhaps a super-human or human engineer committing ritual suicide at the verge of huge waterfall. The 3D version of the scene allows for total immersion into the world.

The story is flat and shallow and although there is an attempt at the existential angle – introducing the up-to-date discussion between darwinism and creationism, the film is weak in terms of built characters and the plot is simplistic.

There is potential for sequel, but why not making the story in this film rather than promising a next one?

You can skip it.

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