Boker tov adon Fidelman (Restoration) by Yossi Madmoni (2011)

A sentimental tale of family tradition v. progress, where the father does not feel his son will be able to fill his shoes in the antiques workshop business. When his partner dies, Mr Fidelman needs a loan to keep the store going.

His son has an expecting wife. All seems to be on the right track to an inevitable finale, when Fidelman will have to give up his passion due to financial crisis.

An outsider appears to promise a change in their lives. Temporarily replaces the prodigal son to Fidelman, helping with restoration of an expensive grand piano, which if successful will enable Fidelman to remain on the surface for much longer. The new boy also falls for the son’s daughter and for a large portion of the movie fully replaces the true blood relations between father and son, also taking his place in metaphorical married bed.

Sounds too easy? Well, because it is. And it is not possible to replace someone’s place in the family or business, or marriage.

A beautifully told story with amazing play with light, music and closeups of everyday life in contemporary TelAviv.


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