Off Plus Camera 2012 Summary

For the 5th year in a row a bunch of passionate geeks organised one of the youngest and most ambitious film festivals in Europe. Krakow is beautiful in April.

This year, I managed to watch quite a few films which I started reviewing below and will carry on reviewing above. The schedule of screenings was so tight that I was reaching the cinemas at the last minute and only could catch the first aisle seat in either 1st or 2nd row. That resulted in a peculiar cramp in my neck which is still there.

Several esteemed guests came to visit – to promote their films, to take part in the Main Competition, as members of the Jury in the Polish Competition.

The evenings were starting quite late as usually the last screening of the day (with Q&A’s included) did not end until well after midnight. In the end a mixture of guests and festival staff+volunteers ended up in the night club not far from the Main Market Square. To talk, exchange experiences, discuss future projects and finally to dance long into the night. My feeling is that several of the new acquaintances will turn up to be fruitful in the future – as new projects, new friendships, new films. Keeping my fingers crossed for that! Cannot wait to go to Krakow again next year!


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