Midnight Cowboy by John Schlesinger (1969)

With young Jon Voigt and Dustin Hoffman, who, one more time, proves to be an an incredibly talented prolific actor. Hoffman puts on a voice and accent of a New York vagabond cheat of declining health who cons the freshly out of Texas newbie (Voigt) aspiring to make a living as a male escort.

The story is illustrated in a romantic way showing the glass ceiling and the glass walls of the big metropolis. The first day we watch Joe Buck smiling happily at the outside world, observing the busy streets, shop vitrines, beautiful women, dog walkers. Gradually he realises how many doors are closed for him, a dummy out of nowhere, with limited spelling capabilities and not enough confidence to actually succeed at the dreamed path of a hustler as he defines himself.

In an unlikely fashion, the pair becomes friends and they both abandon New York City after a few misadventures and a few brighter spots – such as the Warholesque party where they manage to eat, smoke, drink and where Joe finally finds a woman willing to pay for his company.

The film won Best Picture in 1970. Deservedly. Great cinema.


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