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Moneyball by Bennett Miller

Brad Pitt is nominated for the Oscar as the Best Actor for this one. Script is also nominated as best adapted screenplay.

I am not a baseball fan, even more – I don’t think I understand the rules of baseball.

Aaron Sorkin co-wrote the script, but the pace of the film is very far from his usual.

I hope Brad Pitt does not get the Oscar for this film. He is definitely a great actor, but this does not show in this movie.

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Margin Call by J.C. Chandor

Nominated in the Best Original Screenplay category for the Oscar in 2012.

Well paced, made with a pleasant attention to detail. Depicts 24 hours marking the beginning of the credit crunch in 2008. Probably simplified so that non-experts can follow the plot – successfully passing the message on.

Dry, concrete and capably played by the big stars of Hollywood such as Kevin Spacey, Demi Moore, Jeremy Irons.

Eric – one man who seems to be the grey eminence triggering the sequence of dramatic events is a stoic engineer who has no choice but to surrender to the firm’s decisions. There is a lot of giving up by those low on the ladder to those high up. The film ends on a naive note that the top business fish seem to be sharing. Yet the viewer knows there will be no choice for them after the film credits stop scrolling down. We are richer knowing the history.

A very nice work.


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The Help by Tate Taylor

This is another of the Oscars 2012 nominations.

A very powerful film, a meaningful one and carefully directed.

In one of the opening scenes we hear Johnny Cash’s  song about Jackson, where the plot is set. Johnny Cash has this specific notion and bears this exceptional note of the American South. The South in the 1960’s – somebody pointed out that this story is historically parallel to what we see in the Mad Men. Only New York City at that time and Mississippi are very distant places. From every possible angle. Also, this film shows what Mad Men ignores: the polarisation of white and black in the society. What in Mad Men is naturally acknowledged as the status quo, The Help questions.

Emma Stone plays a young journalist filled with idealistic belief that she can change the world. Perhaps she might. Not totally, but certainly the character catalysed something important which later waterfalled into a massive change in modern America.

This film should be  appreciated at tomorrow’s Oscars Gala. I really hope it does.

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The Descendants by Alexander Payne

In the Oscar nominated section.

George Clooney plays middle aged father of two girls. They live in Hawaii – on one of the smaller islands. The mother and wife undergoes an accident – on a motorboat, which lands her in a coma. The exposition shows clueless Clooney who does not know how to interact with his 10-year old and calls his 17-year old for help. At the same time, he has a business decision to make.

The plot is predictable – only the film is set in Hawaii. George Clooney is George Clooney and he had better roles in the past, so I really hope he does not get the Oscar for this one.

Beautiful clouds, a new, interesting face of Shailene Woodley, who plays the older daughter. It is a nice film. But it is also a mainstream film and in the grand scheme of things, it is not an important film. A pleasant watch for a Sunday afternoon. To watch and to forget. Thank you.

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