Manhattan by Woody Allen

The classic, considered by some one of the best films of the century.

At the BFI screening, the cinema was packed as during film festivals.

Black&White, with – as always – incredible dialogues and great actors.

Made in 1979, it bears the magic of 1970’s and yet the dialogues are brilliantly universal and could easily be imagined as uttered these days by contemporary snobbish New Yorkers.

Great cinema, accompanied by music by George Gershwin and fantastic shots of Manhattan.


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3 responses to “Manhattan by Woody Allen

  1. Thanks for this review, Julia, I almost rented this the other weekend, I think it’s been > 10 years since I saw it and it’s high time!

  2. blondoner

    oh, yeah! Do watch it again! Have you seen “Midnight in Paris”? It’s amazing!!!

  3. The Jewess

    I love it :)

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