Horrible Bosses by Seth Gordon

This is my number two comedy of the last 12 months (right after Butterworth’s The Drummond Will).

I did not expect anything more than from Bridesmaids. How wrong was I! This film is amazingly paced, fantastically cast (which includes Kevin Spacey, Donald Sutherland, unrecognisable Colin Farrel, Jamie Foxx and cute as ever Jason Sudeikis – previously known for his role in the terribly disappointing The Bounty Hunter and in the classic 30 Rock) and well written.

Time and money well spent for a big laugh and a big wink at the audiences, who in my opinion deserve such sophisticated and yet plain humour delivered lightly and served with pleasure.

The three main characters (including recently raising to fame Jason Bateman) are as physically different as real life buddies would be; thus making it easy to be distinguished and constituting the proper buddy movie genre.

The story is simple and on the verge of getting absurd, yet quite rational in the end. What seems least credible is the episode involving Jennifer Aniston who a) can’t act and b) should have rejected the role. Yes, we know she has great hair and figure and she was married to Brad Pitt… still waiting for her breaking with the image of Rachel Green. Will that ever happen?

Great buddy movie (maybe somebody might compare it to The Hangover, which is still pending on my list of films to watch!). Great entertainment.



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4 responses to “Horrible Bosses by Seth Gordon

  1. wow you havent seen the hangover?

    sophisticated humour you say? colin farrell in not being awful shock, too? i think i want to go to that.

    im really enjoying your blog by the way. the way you write makes me read a like a million miles an hour.

  2. It’s not very tightly plotted or precisely scripted but the three leads have lots of obvious camaraderie and energy together – confirmed in a bloopers reel after the end credits – which help to keep the film moving along. Good Review!

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